LOTD #18


Hello all fashionable explorers!

I don't know about you but I'm really looking forward to spring and summer. I want more sun! I know it's way too early but I got my summer outfit already done! Check it out!

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The 2nd Petra audiobook is out!

Hi Explorers!

My second audiobook is out now and it talks about my exciting adventures in Senegal! It's a book where I make a new friend, Awa Diouf and meet her family. And of course we dance a lot! 

You can find the book on Audible

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LOTD #17


Hi! Remember my friend, Adventurer?

Petra's Planet is not just for girls, there are plenty of boys playing too! This is my friend Adventurer and he would like to show his new outfit!

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Welcome to Petra’s Planet - Fun and Safe Virtual World for Kids

With Petra's Planet our goal is to create a safe and enjoyable online virtual world where kids can learn and have fun. The real world is full of interesting and exciting people and places, animals and stories. With Petra's Planet online virtual world kids can learn about real world through exploratory play.